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Euro 2016 : Paris Sports Parc

Euro 2016 Paris Sports Parc

Are you a fan of european football? Check out the Paris Sports Parc from March 30th to July 10th, 2016. Set up in several locations throughout the city, this sports event offers a variety of free european football-related activities like Technifoot, Duelfoot and Snookball!
CNIT MOVE, Blocbuster, escape game, fitness et golf indoor à la Défense

CNIT MOVE Opening: Blocbuster Rock Climbing, Escape Game, Fitness and Indoor Golf at La Défense

The CNIT shopping center by 4 Temps is opening the giant recreation space you’ve been waiting for. It’s called CNIT Move, and it’s an over 50,000 ft2 space that’s been transformed into a climbing gym, golf course fitness center and escape game. CNIT Move is now open and awaiting visitors 7 days a week. Each of these spaces has something special to offer, if you aren’t already convinced to check it out!
L'Antichambre, l'escape game captivant

Antichambre, a Captivating Escape Game

Antichambre escape game has now arrived in the capital, with 5 unsettling worlds and completely unprecedented experiences full of frightening, funny and suspenseful sensations. Get together with friends or family and work together to escape the mummy and voodoo divinity unscathed!
Braquer une banque chez The Game

Rob a bank with The Game, the immersive escape game!

Escape game fans, we discovered The Game, an escape game located in the Jussieu area that does not take the game lightly. Here you have to rob a bank in less than an hour. So, are you ready to take up the challenge?

Koezio, a New Kind of Adventure Park

Koezio is a huge adventure park that's unlike any other. Visitors can play games that help build self-confidence, team spirit, and cooperation in a high-tech setting inside the shopping mall Carré Sénart (77).
Arkose, la salle d'escalade de bloc à Montreuil

"Arkose": a bouldering gym in Montreuil

"Arkose", the latest bouldering gym in the Paris region, opens for you, just between Montreuil and Vincennes. Easily accessible by public transport and metro, this is a gym that will certainly find its audience. Sortiraparis tells you all about it.
HardBloc, ouverture de la plus grande salle d'escalade de France

"HardBloc": the largest climbing gym in France opens its doors

Friends, countrymen... Climbers, lend me your ears! "HardBloc", the largest indoor bouldering wall in France opened the weekend of 14 - 15 December 2013. Want to try it out? Rush over there: you will love it!
Block'Out 2 - Saint-Ouen

"Block'Out 2" in Saint-Ouen

Do you know what bouldering is? You know, the places where you can go climbing with no harness, no ropes and where one goes to climb and practice? Let's take a quick tour of "Block'Out 2", in Saint-Ouen, the largest bouldering gym in Ile de France (if not in the whole of France), for an overview of what they have to offer.
atout branches, milly la forêt

"Atout branches" in Milly la Forêt

At "Atout Branches" (litterally: branches asset), come live an adventure in the trees, in Milly la Forêt. In the middle of... nature, you will be able to have the time of your life, going from tree to tree, with a variety of obstacles and sensations. A progressive course that takes you from the easiest to the most difficult at your own paste.
Accro des arbres, Base de Loisirs du Port aux Cerises

"Accro des arbres", at the leisure base at Port aux Cerises

The courses of "Accro des arbres" (Addicted to trees), that blend perfectly into the natural environment of the "Port aux Cerises" Leisure Base, in the department of Essonne, are open to all ages (starting at age 3). 5 courses and 71 "climbing" workshops await you, ready to allow you to live an adventure... safely.
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