Four Seasons George V’s Yule Log in Paris

Published by Bastien J. · Photos by Bastien J. · Published on 15 September 2017 at 18h24
Parisian palaces already are in the Christmas spirit and the best pastry chefs compete of boldness to present the most beautiful and the most delicious Yule Log. And this year, at the Hotel George V, the event took on a peculiar turn since the very young chef, Maxime Frédéric, and his team presented the very first creation of his promising career.

Just enough time to recover from the summer idleness and here are Parisian pastry chefs already presenting their Yule Logs in September. A compulsory exercise that actually allows a healthy talent competition between the different prestigious palaces and establishments in Paris. Let’s have a look at the 5-star creation by chef Maxime Frédéric for the Four Seasons Hotel George V: a deconstructed yule log, like a Christmas tree and as a nod to the palace’s winter decoration and the logo of the Four Seasons group.

He’s only 28 years old and when he was at school he used to dream of palaces and he’s now almost reaching his goal by becoming this year, the executive chef of the 3 restaurants of the Hotel George V. The task is no easy game for Maxime Frédéric since Le George*, Le Cinq*** and L’Orangerie* total 5 Michelin stars. Singular moment in a career, the press presentation of his first yule log was also the opportunity for him to explain what it means to him.

Family is very important to me and the yule log is a moment of sharing, of childhood memories. […] It was the first time that all the pâtissiers of the Hotel worked together. […] I chose to create a Christmas tree because, during the Holidays season, the Hotel courtyard is adorned with one and I wanted to create a sort of continuity between what the table displays and what the outdoor décor displays.”

So, here is a yule log looking like pine trees and of various sizes according to the number of guest. At first glance, we can hardly say what is edible and what is part of the decoration. And yet, believe it or not, not even one crumb is left: the branches are made of 75% chocolate from Peru and sprayed on with melted white chocolate, the pine cones are chocolate “truffles” and the star is like a chocolate bonbon that can be shared after eating the small yule log up that combines lyokan (a Japanese orange), chestnuts and yuzu. A dessert perfectly balanced, a sweet, sour, crispy three-part work that works wonderfully well.

Here is a new success for the pastry chef and all the team at the George V and we barely regret the lagoons and white fine sand from last month. Winter is coming and we’re looking forward to it!

You can enjoy the Four Seasons Hotel George V’s yule log in the three restaurants: Le George*, Le Cinq*** and L’Orangerie* at €160 for 4 to 6 persons and €180 for 6 to 8 persons. Any order can be made in the restaurants 48 hours before due date.

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