Hotel Cinq Codet restaurant: a delighting organic bistronomy

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Published by Manon C. · Published on 24 April 2018 at 15h14 · Updated on 7 May 2018 at 11h56
7th arrondissement-based Hotel Cinq Codet restaurant has just entirely renewed its menu. From now on, all the dishes are available on the board. The new chef has decided to give pride of place to organic and fresh products coming from a short circuit. The whole at very affordable races and served on an enchanting patio, far from Paris hustle and bustle.

Who still thinks that bistro and deluxe have nothing in common? Not a lot of people, and not eve five-star Hotel Cinq Codet restaurant set in Paris 7th arrondissement that decided to change its concept and turn into a bistro. Good riddance to very long menu. From now on, a clean board with only 4 starters, 4 main courses and 4 desserts enables us to choose what we will treat us to. A board that changes every day, according to the delivery of meats and fish, of the seasonal fruits and vegetables and the chef’s inspiration.

Speaking of him, chef Antoine K’ros, at the helm of the place’s kitchen for a year (after working at the Grand Palais under the management of Alain Ducasse) has decided to give pride of place to Red Label organic goods and fresh food coming from short distribution. Organic bistronomy we just like and entirely homemade, of course!

Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet

As soon as we’ve arrived on the restaurant patio, the magic happens. Here, birds’ tweets override the city’s hustle and the car’s bustle (that we can’t hear at all!). And it’s quite the happy place. It’s time to choose, we quickly go for the crispy goat’s cheese and honey as a starter, sweet and strong in the mouth at the same time, to accompany this perfect moment.

For the main course, it will be ricotta-spinach tortellini served with a tomato cream, marinated cherry tomatoes and ultra-fresh basil leaves. A gustative round trip to Italy. But we also go for the salmon with mild spices, smoked warm. A very original cooking that ends up with a semi-cooked semi-raw salmon and it’s very pleasing.

Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet

For dessert, the choice was very tough (Tiramisu? Rum Baba?), but the title originality has us order the “Citron et Amande Douce en tongue” a fine layer of shortbread biscuit with almond topped with a lemon sorbet, a sweet almond ice cream and a marshmallow leaf shaped like a… flipflop! Another small step in the plate to our vacations.

Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet Le Cinq Codet

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5 Rue Louis Codet
75007 Paris 7

Métro Invalides, École Militaire

Entrée+Plat ou Plat+Dessert: 20 €
Entrée+Plat+Dessert: 25 €

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Déjeuner : 12h00 à 14h30
Pause Gourmande : 15h00 à 17h00
Afterwork : 18h00 à 20h00
Dîner : 19h00 à 22h30

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