Scène Thélème proposes an exclusive menu with vegetables from the Ferme Yamashita

Published by Laura B. · Published on 4 September 2020 at 10h28 · Updated on 7 September 2020 at 15h25
Chef Yoshi (Yoshitaka Takayanagi) from starred restaurant Scène Thélème proposes this September a new menu called “Ferme Yamashita”. In this menu, he cookes exceptional vegetables from three-star truck farmer Asafumi Yamashita.

This Fall, chef Yoshitaka Takayanagi’s starred restaurant (and theater), Scène Thélème, innovates. As a matter of fact, the chef managed to get rare, beautiful and delicious vegetables grown by unparalleled gardener Asafumi Yamashita.
Scène Thélème offers, starting September 1, “Ferme Yamashita”, a menu entirely based on the famous gardener’s vegetables.

Set in Chapet, Yvelines, for about twenty years, Asafumi Yamashita is nicknamed “le maraîcher trois étoiles” (the three-star truck farmer) because he decided to supply his vegetables to only a handful of top chefs he thoroughly selected. And now, Yoshitaka Takayanagi is one of the privileged chefs. Thanks to these new supplies, the Japanese chef has come up with a mostly plant-based menu, while paying tribute to his Japanese roots.

“Ferme Yamashita” menu by Scène Thélème:

Appetizers: basil sorbet, smoked black tea infusion, Japanese tomato salad
Japanese dashi-marinated eggplant, sautéed bell peppers
Corn and girolle mushrooms tempura, old Mimolette cheese
Rice flatbread, Yamashita vegetables depending on delivery, Chinese cabbage and shiitake broth
Steamed sea bass, salad and marinated sardine, onion vinaigrette
Vanilla-flavored winter squash crémeux, lime sorbet
Vineyard peaches Yoshi style
Puff chocolate tartlet, vanilla ice creams

Costing 135 euros per patron for lunch and dinner, this exceptional 7-course (+ appetizers) menu is available only by booking at least 24h in advance, and for at least two guests. As a matter of fact, Asafumi Yamashita picked vegetables once matured. And Yoshitaka Takayanagi cooks them in Scène Thélème kitchen barely 24 hours after being picked. Note that the menu can slightly change depending on the delivery.

And how about treating us well this Fall with this exceptional menu by Scène Thélème, while thinking about our diet balance with this menu full of vegetables and fruits?
Moreover, a jar of honey from the farm is given for any reservation for the “Ferme Yamashitamenu.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 4 September 2020



    18 Rue Troyon
    75017 Paris 17

    135 €

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