Yule Log 2017 by Claire Heitzler for Ladurée

Bûche Céleste, Bûche Candy and Bûche Fleur Noire: here are the beautiful and delicious three cakes created by Claire Heitzler for Maison Ladurée and for the Holidays 2017.

Each year, numerous gourmet people impatiently wait for the discovery of the pastries thought up for the Holidays.

And each year, pastry chefs ramp up to surprise you and amaze you, just like Ladurée Sweet Creation chef Claire Heitzler is currently doing.

For the Holidays 2017, make way to a wonderful and oh-so delicious dessert covered in white featuring sparkling constellations that will undoubtedly fulfill your taste buds.

In addition to this Bûche Céleste (Celestial Yule Log), Claire Heitzler offers a Bûche Candy (Candy Yule Log) for the gourmets loving red berries and a Bûche Fleur Noire (Dark Flower Yule Log) for those cocoa lovers.

Finally, macaroon enthusiasts won’t be disappointed because of an appealing midnight blue setting containing the famous macaroon with this delicate chestnut flavor.

Bûche Céleste
We truly love this beautiful chestnut and almond crust, delicately topped with a light gooey chestnut biscuit, a chestnut mousse and its heart contains an intense chestnut praline.

Noël 2017 by Ladurée

Small yule log: €9.5 – available from December 1 to 31, 2017
Yule Log for 6 persons: €68 – available from December 15 to 31, 2017

Bûche Candy
This yule log is made of an almond biscuit, red berries confit, almond cream and milk and vanilla-infused mousse. The whole is coated and covered in fresh raspberries, Chantilly Quenelle, white chocolate and marshmallows.

Noël 2017 by Ladurée

Bûche Fleur Noire
This yule log is a Sacher biscuit, chocolate feuillantine, vanilla cream and Caribbean chocolate mousse. The whole is topped with a chocolate tablet and chocolate petals.

Noël 2017 by Ladurée

Small yule log: €8.5 each – available from December 1 to 31, 2017
yule log for 6 persons: €58 each – available from December 15 to 31, 2017

Noël 2017 by Ladurée

“Nuit de Noël” & Chestnut macaroon gift set
Finally, for the macaroon lovers, discover the 8 or 14 assorted macaroons gift sets and decorated with sublime Christmas tree bulbs containing the creation macaroon stuffed with a chestnut cream.

Macaroon available from November 15
€2.1 each
Gift sets available from November 29, 2017
Gift set with 8 macaroons: €19.5
Gift set with 14 macaroons: €34
e-shop gift set with 12 macaroons: €32

Practical information:
Yule Log 2017 by Ladurée
Macaroons available from December 1, 2017
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Caroline J.
Last updated on 18 September 2017

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