Yule logs 2018 by Yann Brys for Nolinski Paris and Brach Paris

Remember, last year, pastry chef Yann Brys satisfied our taste buds and our eyes with his wonderful gluten-free creation yule log, the Plume de Noël.

This year, Meilleur Ouvrier de France offers us two yule logs for even more pleasure for the taste buds!

The first one, the Bûche Nolinksy wonderfully mixes maple syrup, pecan nuts and chocolate flavors.

As its name suggests it, this delicious yule log is to be discovered within Hotel Nolinski Paris.

Bûche Nolinski Composition: Pecan nuts biscuit, vanilla and maple syrup cream, pecan nuts praline, milk chocolate from the Dominican Republic mousse, gourmet bar made of milk chocolate ganache and a fine almond, cocoa beans and pecan nuts nougatine.

The second creation, the Bûche L’Envol Brach bets on flavors such as caramel, honey and chocolate.

As for this creation, you can discover it in the new Parisian Hotel, Brach Paris. Nestled in the 16th arrondissement, Brach (Evok Hotels Collection Group) has been thought up and reinvented by famous designer and decorator Philippe Starck. As for Yann Brys, he’s been named Directeur de la Création Sucrée [Head of the Sweet Creation] where he will offer a pastry store. For the Holidays 2018, sweet-toothed foodies will find the wonderful and delicious Bûche L’Envol Brach.

Noël 2018 par Yann BrysNoël 2018 par Yann BrysNoël 2018 par Yann BrysNoël 2018 par Yann Brys

Bûche L’Envol Brach Composition: almonds and honey biscuit, slightly saffron-flavored caramel cream, smooth honey caramel, almond crispiness, pine nuts, cereals and rockrose pollen, milk chocolate from Grenada mousse.

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Last updated on 8 November 2018

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Opening Time
From 3 December 2018 to 26 December 2018



    16 Avenue de l'Opéra
    75001 Paris 1

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    For all

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    Bûche Nolinski à l'Hôtel Nolinski
    Bûche L'Envol Brach à l'Hôtel Brach