Coronavirus: consequences and measures taken as the pandemic reached stage 3 in France

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 18 March 2020 at 12h08
Amid the coronavirus pandemic in France stage 3 is now reached. More radical measures are taken to limit the propagation of the covid 19 on French soil.

These past few days, health safety measures are getting harsher and have been announced in a row. Two days after French President Emmanuel Macron's address, stage 3 is now reached and on.

First there were: the ban of public gatherings of over 5000 people in a confined space, then 1000, then 100... But lately, as the epidemic spreads on and the situation in Italy is more and more worrying, everything went faster: schools, museums, venues and even night clubs were shut down, as many ways to limit contacts and the propagation of tge virus.

And this Saturday March 14, 2020 France has officially reached stage 3 of the epidemic with the closure of all non-necessary stores. From now on, only pharmacies, food stores and markets, gas stations, banks, tobacco stores and press offices remain open. This measure leads to the closure of restaurants, bars and cafés in France and even movie theaters. Yet, no special restriction have been shared as for public transit even though Prime Minister Edouard Philippe urges French people to limit their trips.

Earlier this week, the World Health Organization announced the coronavirus epidemic was now a pandemic and altered on the lack of strict measures worldwide. WHO has then announced that the coronavirus epicenter was no longer in Asia but in Europe.

The goal is to control the epidemic propagation as much as possible and to avoid contamination peaks so that hospitals are not overcrowded which could lead to very serious consequences as for taking care of the sick. It's then very important to thoroughly follow the instructions and recommendations to limit all contamination risks.

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