Coronavirus: France exceptionnaly allows the use of plasma from cured patients

Published by Caroline J., Elodie D. · Updated on 1 May 2020 at 10h34 · Published on 5 April 2020 at 09h39
Trating patients with plasma from cured patients is finally authorized in France. Already used since April 7th, as part of clinical trials, plasma will be used to cure patients in a serious state, even though results are not guaranteed!

After allowing hydroxychloroquine at the hospital, blood plasma is now allowed as a cure. Under clinical trial since April 7, 2020, plasma from coronavirus cured patients is expected to release its first results in the upcoming days, but the Agence Française du Médicament (French Medication Agency), has just given a green flag to use the plasma from coronavirus cured patients outside the clinical trial in order to fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

"Given the potential seriousness of Covid-19 and in order to increase the survival chance of patients showing a serious kind", the Agency has decided to frame "the exceptional and temporary use of plasma from people recovered outside the currently running clinical trials" a press release from the ANSM says.

For the record, the transfusion of plasma from recovered patients started this April 7 in France in a study carried out by Professor Karine Lacombe and Professor Pierre Tiberghien. If the study has presented no convinving results, "some data show that plasma from people who have been infected by Covid-19 include active antibodies against the virus, what could allow to improve the survival rates of patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrom (ARDS)" the Agence Française du Médiament says.

To help as well as possible, “patients cured of Covid-19 will be personally invited to give their plasma to the EFS” the press release reads. So that the treatment be provided, it will be "subject to a collegial medical decision at the level of the care unit where the patient is taking care of".

France isn’t the only country to perform such clinical trials with blood plasma since the United-States and China are also trying to use plasma form people cured of Covid-19 to help people currently infected by coronavirus.

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