Coronavirus: a vaccine available in February or March 2021.

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 27 April 2020 at 11h29
According to the Institut Pasteur, a vaccine against coronavirus could be available “in February or March 2021” in light of the progress of the research in France and in the world. Good news that sticks to the deadline given by the government for mid-2021.

Research is moving forward to fight against coronavirus… Everywhere in the world, scientists and searchers are working hard to find a cure to Covid-19, disease paralyzing the entire world for months and even though no cured has been found to stop the pandemic, news on the development of a vaccine are pretty good.

And for good reason, the Institut Pasteur said a vaccine could come very soon, early next year, especially in February or March: “If everything goes as planned between phase 1 and phase 2 that will follow, and if the epidemic is still there, there will be probably a temporary authorization to put it on the market in February or March 2021” scientist at the National Center for Scientific Research at the vaccine innovation laboratory at the Intitut Pasteur Frédéric Tangy says to LCI.

A deadline that is more optimistic than the one given by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in his last press conference on Sunday April 19, speaking of a vaccine for “mid-2021”. Several vaccines are currently being studied across the globe, but a lead seems to be privileged by searchers: “We are working on a modified vaccine against measles” professor at the Institut Pasteur Christophe d’Enfert told Le Parisien.

This is a vaccine used for 40 years in Men, that is working very well, and is perfectly safe, it never led to side effectsFrédéric Tangy says. And he concludes: “This is our number one strategy, financed by the Cepi, and the clinical trail will start in July for the vaccine”. Note these clinical trials for vaccines are planned for July by the Institut Pasteur. Then, we would have to wait for the result of these trials and keep on searching to launch or not the manufacturing of a vaccine.

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