Coronavirus: blood clots, new COVID-19 symptom?

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 29 April 2020 at 11h24
Blood clots in coronavirus sick? This is the harrowing discovery made by American doctors who noticed several patients affected by clots in blood vessels, leading to heart attacks, strokes and phlebitis.

This novel coronavirus truly is a mystery: every day a new symptom seems to be discovered, after cough, fever, breathing difficulties, loss of senses of smell and taste and even frostbites and red patches, COVID-19 is said to cause blood clots and affect all muscles and organs, leading to heart attacks, stroke and phlebitis…

This is what American doctors think they have discovered after noticing this worrying symptom in COVID-19 patients.

If clots are relatively rare, their number had doubled up since the beginning of the pandemic in the United-States and it does not spare young people. For instance, 41-year-old Canadian actor Nick Cordero – famous for his Broadway roles – has got his right leg amputated after 18 days in intensive care in Los Angeles because of a clot impossible to remove.

Intensive care doctor specialized in lungs at Langone NYU Shari Brosnahan says that micro-blood clots stick “up to the capillaries”, the smallest blood vessels in the human body, and are impossible to operate. What causes them? So far, no certitude. Perhaps blood clots are a consequence of the inflammation paired to the disease or coronavirus could directly act on clotting.

We will never say it enough, stay safe and at home as much as possible and respect barrier gestures!

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