Deconfinement: gestures to adopt when going back from work to be protected against coronavirus

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 10 May 2020 at 12h19 · Updated on 11 May 2020 at 12h54
May 11th, 2020 marks the containment exit in France and many people will go back to work. So, what gestures should we adopt on a daily basis when going back home to be protected against coronavirus? Here are some recommendations to limit Covid-19 propagation risks at home.

France is starting to phase out this Monday May 11th, 2020. If some people will keep on working from home, that is still highly recommended when possible, other will travel back to work. Amid the coronavirus epidemic, this perspective can be synonym of worries. How to limit risks of being exposed to the virus? What gestures to adopt when going back from work to protect our relatives and ourselves? What are the mistakes to avoid?

Interviewed by BFM, hygienist doctor and head of the Société française d’hygiène hospitalière [French hospital hygiene company] Bruno Grandbastien shares recommendations to resume work safely. As for trips, he insists on the necessity to uphold social distancing, including in public transportation where facemasks are now mandatory and at work.

He also reminds that you should make sure you are wearing your facemasks properly: it should cover your nose, mouth and chin, and avoid touching it and touching your face such as rubbing your eyes. Note that your mask should be put on and take off by the elastics or ties and not by the protective screen. At home, if no one shows symptoms, you do not have to wear a protective mask, Bruno Grandbastien says. If there is someone vulnerable or at risk at home, you better limit contacts.

Hand hygiene is also vital. Outside, each manual contact with a door handle, a metro bar, a light switch, or anything that could be meaningless must be followed by a good hand washing session or friction with hand sanitizer. You also must think about washing your hands as soon as you go back home.

As for clothes, Bruno Grandbastien says the risk they contaminate your home is extremely low and washing your hands is enough to limit spread risks. It is then not necessary to change clothes as soon as you get back home.

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