Coronavirus: lockdown not to be lifted before the Holidays

Published by My B. · Photos by My B. · Published on 16 November 2020 at 16h48
The government and especially France's Prime Minister announced on Thursday November 12 the lockdown will go on as it is for at least two more weeks. Easing is planned for stores starting December 1 if the situation allows it and easing lockdown could occur for the Holidays.

Prime Minister Jean Castex address the situation two weeks after the new nationwide lockdown started in France. At the time of lockdown, President Macron promised on October 28, 2020, the situation will be addressed every two weeks to assess if it is possible to softening or toughening up restrictions.

Following Jean Castex' press conference, one learns the situation will not be eased or strengthened before December 1. Even though he listed a few adjustments and new measures, the Prime Minister also confirmed the rules of the lockdown will remain the same for at least two more weeks.

Starting December 1st, but only if the health situation allows it, restrictions could be eased including for the reopening of "non-necessary" stores. When asked if the French will still need a derogation past this date, the Prime Minister has been clear, they will still need a derogatory trip certificate. So far, no lockdown exit has been mentioned by the Minister for now.

Yet, another easing of measures is considered for the beginning of the Holidays - once again if the health situation allow it. As a matter of fact, the Prime Minister spoke about the likely reopening of restaurants, bars, and gyms during that period.

As for Christmas eve and the Holidays, the Prime Minister thinks it would be "irresponsible to hold big parties especially for New Year's Eve" and calls for limiting the number of guests.

As for the possibility to go on vacations and take the train, the Prime Minister said it was too early to speak about it, but the topic has not been swept aside and could be addressed if the situation improves in hospitals.

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