Coronavirus: a vaccine for mid-2021, Sanofi France CEO says

Published by Laurent P., Alexandre G. · Published on 13 October 2020 at 13h01 · Updated on 14 October 2020 at 14h45
Sanofi France CEO Olivier Bogillot told Francetvinfo his vaccine will be available for mid-2021, might results of the 3rd phase of the clinical trial are conclusive. A promise the French pharmaceutical group already formulated in June 2020, promising up to one billon dose per year.

Sanofi France stays on track! French pharmaceutical group CEO Olivier Bogillot announced on Tuesday October 13 to Francetvinfo that a vaccine will be available by mid-2021 and its production would start before the results of the 3rd stage of the ongoing clinical trials, betting on its viability “our goal is to come to Sanofi with a vaccine for mid-2021. We are accelerating everything”, he explains.

The vaccine is currently completing phase 2 of the trials, and results are expected for December 2020. Nevertheless, Sanofi takes actions: “once we get the results of phase 2 expected in December, we will launch the production without waiting for the results of phase 3, available by April-May next yearOlivier Bogillot says. Why launching the production of the vaccine so early? Sanofi France CEO also addresses the issue: “simply because once we get the results of phase 3, if they are good, we would have won that time to provide the vaccine” he adds.

The vaccine being available for 2021 has been already addressed by Sanofi French laboratory as they said this past June, they were in good position to produce a reliable vaccine against Covid-19 available in large quantities. The date was even set for as early as 2021.

The first clinical trial is developed in partnership with the other British laboratory GSK using the DNA technic. This breakthrough – already available to create an anti-flu vaccine – has been subjected to trials in September. A date slightly brought forward in comparison with the one previously announced by the laboratory. The idea is to produce up to one billon doses per year.

At the same time, other laboratories are making progress in the search for a vaccine against Covid-19 that keeps on devastating a good share of the world. Moderna, an American laboratory, announced they were moving on to the third stage in early July. We can also name German laboratory CureVac, in phase 2 of their clinical trials, as well as AstraZeneca, doing well, and Chinese laboratory Sinovac or the vaccine co-developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

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