Coronavirus and second wave: "we are heading towards local lockdowns" Jean-François Mattéi says

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 13 October 2020 at 13h40
Another lockdown considered to fight against the second coronavirus wave? An eventuality considered by National Academy of Medicine president Jean-François Mattéi, interviewed by FrancetvInfo. A local lockdown, already considered several times by Jean Castex and the Elysée. A re-containment plan does exist today including local actions that could be implemented if need be.

The French government is ready to re-confine to limit the impact of a second coronavirus wave! An idea that has been addressed for several months in the highest political spheres, and now talked about by National Academy of Medicine president Jean-François Mattéi - and former Health Minister between 2002 and 2004 - as interviewed on Monday October 12, 2020 on Francetvinfo.

"Not everyone has understood we are facing a virus of some severe potential seriousness and we have no vaccine, no cure against this Covid-19 to fight it" he started to explain, before cutting to the chase: "we still have the possibility to avoid total lockdown, but we are heading towards local lockdowns that can be specific to one geographical location or towards a curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. for instance" he explains. He concludes saying that "we cannot exclude anything anymore, this is true. But we have to control the respect of the measures now implemented more".

The local lockdown has been already addressed by Jean Castex on Thursday September 24, 2020, on the Vous Avez la Parole show on France 2, explaining a reconfinement could be considered in the event the health situation was worsening. "If we dont' take action, we could find ourselves in a position close to the one back in spring (...) It could mean another lockdown, and we shall avoid it" the Prime Minister said.

He also described the health situation as "very concerning all over France", and reminded it was "particularly serious in big cities". The goal is: "to avoid overcrowding our hospitals". A re-containment that could be avoided if, as Jean Castex explains, each and single one of French people takes responsibility.

This past September 10, 2020 the Elysée told our peers  on France 2 televised journal that this targeted containement was "possible", and new restrictions could be implemented in big cities to "halt the increasing rate of infections" our peers at Figaro say. Measures that were made this Wednesday September 23 and announced by Health Minister Olivier Véran in an address.

A target re-containment that is nothing new as it is the plan already considered by Prime Minister Jean Castex in July to prevent the social and economic crisis from worsening in the country. “We are preparing for a second wave while saving the economic and social life as much as possible” he said on Wednesday July 8, 2020 as interviewed by Jean-Jacques Bourdin on RMC.

He goes on saying “observations I made showed absolute lockdown would have terrible consequences”. He concludes: “this is the role of the State to prepare, anticipate, coronavirus is still there”. A statement followed by the confirmation – still by Jean Castex – of the existence of a re-containment plan put up weeks ago, when he was still “Mister Deconfinement” of Edouard Philippe’s cabinet.

This re-containment plan is said to include actions that will be implemented locally. As some areas in France are experiencing growing contaminations, the decision to re-confine some places could be made depending on the evolution of the situation. A decision that could be made this September 11 in the Council of Defence.

Moreover, an emergency re-containment plan has also been implemented prior to lockdown exit.

Le plan de reconfinement de Jean Castex en cas de seconde vague du CoronavirusLe plan de reconfinement de Jean Castex en cas de seconde vague du CoronavirusLe plan de reconfinement de Jean Castex en cas de seconde vague du CoronavirusLe plan de reconfinement de Jean Castex en cas de seconde vague du Coronavirus Emergency re-containment: the government's plan for the second wave of the epidemic
As the second Covid-19 epidemic wave is hitting France and the rest of the world, Jean Castex – then entrusted with deconfinement at the government – proposed a re-containment plan. And prudence is required. The one who became Prime Minister warned that "emergency re-containment should be anticipated". Today, this scenario seems bound to happen. What is the strategy of the French government? [Read more]

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