Covid: Sputnik V vaccine “light” version approved in Russia

Published by Laurent P., Elodie D. · Published on 10 May 2021 at 10h42
Russian coronavirus Sputnik V vaccine "light" version has been approved. This is what the Russian Direct Investment Fund announced this early May, 2021 saying that only one dose of Sputnik V could be enough to protect people vaccinated. The goal? Bringing a “temporary” solution to countries the most hit by the pandemic and enable to eradicate the spread of the virus quicker.

The Russian Covid vaccine is now approved! Moscow announced they have approved the "light" version of Sputnik V, now available on the market. Yet, this vaccine aims at being exported to help countries that have no access to vaccines to vaccinate their population. This “lightversion of the vaccine is said to only require one dose (instead of the two doses in the “standard” version), protecting people vaccinated up to 79% in some cases, and even less, instead of the 90% announced for the classic version.

When it comes to financing, it is the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) that financed the development of Sputnik V that currently covers the “costs of the Sputnik-Light trialKirill Dmitriev, Head of the RDIF, says in a release. Sputnik Vcan serve as an effective temporary solution for many countries, which are experiencing a peak of coronavirus infection” he went on. Yet, in Russia, the two-dose Sputnik V vaccine remains the main vaccine used as part of the current vaccine campaign launched in December, BFMTV explains.

For the record, Sputnik V vaccination started on December 5 in Russia, while the campaign was first set to start in January. Doctors, medical staff, social staff and teachers were the first people to be vaccinated, as they are more often exposed to the disease. As for the second dose, it will be given 21 days after the first one.

Unlike France, it has been decided not to inoculate the vaccine to people aged 60+. Are also excluded people with some health issues, pregnant women, and people who have had respiratory affection over the past two weeks.

A vaccine that has been polemical for months. Announced with great pump by Vladimir Putin, said to be 95% effective according to preliminary results, scientists said they were worried about the rapidity of authorization for issuance, as studies were still being carried out.

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