Coronavirus: In Île-de-France, 62% of ICU beds taken

Published by My B. · Published on 28 October 2020 at 11h48 · Updated on 28 October 2020 at 11h49
Covid-19 is making more and more victims in Île-de-France. Hospitals grow just-in-time and already 62% of the beds in ICU are taken by patients contaminated. According to ARS director general Aurélien Rousseau, the situation is alarming, and 90% of beds are likely to be taken by late October.

In Île-de-France, hospital units are almost already overwhelmed by the size of the second coronavirus wave. Île-de-France Health Agency (ARS) director general Aurélien Rousseau says 62% of ICU beds are taken by patients infected by Covid-19.

On Wednesday, there were 672 serious cases in ICUs in Île-de-France, that is to say 160 more than last week. Invited on Franceinfo, ARS director general said "it means, we made it to 60% of the initial ICU capacities in the region, naming 1200 beds" taken by Covid patients. "Today we almost have 55 admissions in ICU per day, it is 20 times more than last week".

Coronavirus has been making more and more victims, this Fall 2020. Therefore, the number of Covid patients in ICU keeps on growing, especially in the Île-de-France area. The most crowded region in France, it means 672 people checked in intensive care unit, out of 3,515 coronavirus sick hospitalized in the eight departments of the region.

Back to October 5, ARS Île-de-France director general Aurélien Rousseau said Monday in a press conference held by Paris Police Prefect that the occupational rate was to reached 50% “by the next two weeks” as the AP-HP hospitals. It is clear that two weeks later, the increase exceeds forecasts. He says it may reach 90% by late October. He says: "it means we will have to go even further in cancelling surgeries".

In the war against Covid-19, "The situation of the country is criticalGabriel Attal said. Interviewed on Thursday October 22, 2020 by LCI, even though the government spokesperson is never at a loss for words, this is specifically to prepare the country to the worse. New restrictions are to be expected to halt the rise.

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