Coronavirus: towards a third wave in January 2021? What the French government is planning

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 10 December 2020 at 11h24
The day after the government detailed the vaccine strategy, the executive endeavors to tell more about the upcoming Holidays modalities. The Prime Minister and Head of State are working in the shadow to face a third Covid-19 epidemic, as forecasted by epidemiologists.

How is the French government anticipating the third wave of the Covid-19 epidemic? Even though the government is mostly speaking about the easing of the lockdown, up at least until January 20, 2021, or details as for the vaccine strategy, the prospect of a third wave of the epidemic to fight from January 2021 is still on the agenda.

Therefore, this Monday November 30, 2020, the Prime Minister confirmed the position of the government on the matter: "we are planning flows, interactions, and contacts to avoid a third wave in January", he explained. According to news shared by Europe 1, the French President is worried about the epidemic threat. During a business lunch with representatives of the Senate, this Wednesday December 2, Emmanuel Macron explained the third wave currently hitting the Asian continent will inexorably end in Europe... by the very beginning of 2021.

So far, this possibility goes against the forecasts announced by the government, reckoning on a return to normal "by the summer 2021" to quote the French President. Furthermore, as Jean castex said the night France's vaccine strategy was presented, vulnerable and elderly people will be vaccinated in January.

An alarming report for scientists, like Mircea Sofonea - epidemiologist at the Montpellier university - interviewed by France 3 Occitanie, who says there are multiple dangers. "Even though we make it to the end of this second wave safe, it is not won, the winter and spring are seasons the virus is actively spreading. All the ingredients for a third wave are here", she explains.

Back to Thursday October 29, 2020, the Health minister warned on France Info French on the eventuality of a third Covid-19 wave to face in the upcoming months. He says “we cannot rule out the fact there could be a third wave” he said. Furthermore, the took the United-States as an example as they are “experiencing the beginning of the third wave”.

This statement arrives barely a few hours following French President Emmanuel Macron’s address on Wednesday October 28, 2020 at 8 p.m. In order to fight against the spread of coronavirus, in a more effective fashion, the head of state has declared a new lockdown is to start starting tonight, midnight for at least four weeks.

Therefore, the Health Minister has reminded the threat of the virus was present more than ever, and it is everyone’s responsibility to fight against it. Using an anaphora – still very present in the political turn of phrase – Olivier Véran said “we cannot rule out the fact the virus keeps on spreading”. Anyway, the goal is to dramatically make the number of new cases diagnosed in France daily drop. And make this number go from 30,000 to 5,000. Almost an exploit, but we can do it!

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