Covid and New Year's Eve: scientists’ recommendations to avoid contaminations

Published by Rizhlaine F., Cécile D. · Published on 29 December 2020 at 16h21 · Updated on 29 December 2020 at 19h38
As the world is about to celebrate the New Year, and amid the coronavirus epidemic and curfew in France, here are recommendations to avoid contamination risks.

How to stay safe amid the coronavirus epidemic and during the Holidays? Scientific experts and doctors are not sounding the alarm at Christmas reunions, but more at New Year’s Eve celebrations. And this is Dr. Jimmy Mohamed’s tweet very content, he is worried about the lack of content in the press as for the “real risk” that “New Year’s Eve parties” represent, he explains.

Tweet reads: “Everybody talks about the risk of the resurgence of the epidemic at Christmas. The risk is real, but I think families will yet be cautious. Yet, I’m far more worried and less optimistic when it comes to New Year’s Eve. And I don’t hear much on the topic…”

And it is indeed to prevent the epidemic from resurging – caused by the yearly end of year’s celebrations – that in the United States, the CDC has released a good practice guide for the Holidays. In addition to the standard recommendations like wearing a facemask, washing your hands, social distancing, American doctors and scientists have listed a whole range of practical tips.

Coronavirus : est-il trop tard pour se faire tester pour Noël ? Coronavirus : est-il trop tard pour se faire tester pour Noël ? Coronavirus : est-il trop tard pour se faire tester pour Noël ? Coronavirus : est-il trop tard pour se faire tester pour Noël ? Coronavirus: after Christmas, should you get tested for NYE?
With three days to go before New Year's Eve, should you get tested before reuniting with your family? Is it already too late? The Scientific Committee handed its verdict and great: it is not too late. On the contrary!

Different plates and airing rooms

But then, what behavior should you adopt? First, during the meal, you better be cautious. Rather than the traditional Christmas meal, the American experts recommends a family walk outside. And the digital solution is to highly consider for instance, you can “digitally celebrate with your family members”.

To make sure you are not spreading the virus, the American health authorities urge fellow citizens to “speak down” because shouting could lead to the spread. Even more practical: asking only one guest to serve and do not forget to air rooms. For the record, some of the first contamination cases were linked to a bad airing system in a closed place.

At the same time, the UK Independant Sage reccomends you bring your own plates and glasses, preparing the dishes, the idea is to adapt to the constraints. Of course, you can forget about big tables with everyone helping themselves with their hands: you should really consider individual serving sizes. To avoid unfortunate mistakes, ARS Aquitaine recommends you mark glasses to make sure you drink from yours and yours only. 

Kissing and hugging at midnight is to be forgotten as well. Facemask-wearing - excluding when drinking, smoking or eating - is encouraged so you can turn the dancefloor into a masquerade. The government also recommends to limit parties to 6 guests.

Practical information

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