Covid: restaurants, meals and bars increase the contamination risk, the Institut Pasteur says

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 17 December 2020 at 16h02 · Updated on 17 December 2020 at 22h09
Published this Thursday December 17 by the Institut Pasteur, the ComCor study supports the government’s strategy in terms of fight against the epidemic: restaurants, bars, and private meals are said to be high risk contamination places. Using public transit or going to stores are less risky, they say.

You can now browse the scientific work the French government relies on to justify their strategy to fight against Covid-19. This Thursday December 17, 2020 the Institut Pasteur releases its study called ComCor* focusing on the part bars, restaurants and public facilities play in spreading the virus. The latter are still closed following measures instated by the executive in order to curb the spread of the second epidemic wave.

Where are the French infected? According to scientists from the Institut Pasteur, the answer is certain: “meals have a major part in spreading, whether in the family, friendly or to a lesser extent business environment”. According to their results, bars, restaurants and gyms are places with the highest contamination risks. Comparing the behaviors of French infected and healthy, the study shows that “taking the bus or tramway” or “visiting food and clothing stores” does not increase the spread of Covid-19. Or at least, not as much as other closed places.

Caution, sensitive topic

Yet, being cautious is still required with these encouraging results. Institut Pasteur epidemiologist and member of the Scientific Committee Arnaud Fontanet insists on the “eminently sensitive” topic of the study. Even though thanks to his conclusions “we see risk increases when visiting bars and restaurants […] one shall be cautious” the scientist recalls.

Conclusions confirming the government’s health policy as Prime Minister Jean Castex said the study will “confirm” the “necessary” aspect of closing restaurants and bars until the epidemic pressure lowers.

*Since October 27, the Assurance Maladie has been inviting people tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 to fill in Institut Pasteur’s online form individually. Over the course from October 17 to 29, 30,000 people have filled it in. This process is conducted in the greatest respect of collected data protection to fight against the covid-19 epidemic.

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