Castex's statements as of Thursday February 4

Published by Alexandre G., Manon C. · Published on 25 February 2021 at 18h40 · Updated on 25 February 2021 at 21h14
A new press brief has been held this Thursday February 4, 2021 at 6 p.m.: Jean Castex and his government presented the latest measures and governmental decisions as for the health crisis. The situation is said to be "under control but fragile". Keep reading to find out more.

This Thursday February 4, 2021 Jean Castex and his government returned on the new measures made this past Friday during a press brief: closing major shopping malls, reinforcing gauge in stores, reinforcing remote working, closing borders to non-EU countries.

As an introduction, the PM reminded the situation in France remains "particularly fragile and preoccupying" but stands out from the situation in the neighboring countries with "stable data", "one of the lowest rates in Europe", and the spread of the virus has not "particularly increased over the past couple of weeks".

Hailing the health workforce and the "greatest care from the French", Castex also ruled out the idea of a new lockdown in the coming days claiming: "to date, the situation does not justify a lockdown. [...] We know the economica, human, and sanitary cost of a new lockdown, as well as the psychological and social risks topping it. [...] A new lockdown can only be considered as a last resort".

Yet, the current restrictions are "kept for facilities closed. [...] Current times dictate maximum compliace with the common rules" the PM stated.

Governmental statements as of Thursday February 4, 2021:

  • No new lockdown so far
  • Opening of 1.7 million extra appointments in March for a first vaccine dose injection
  • More test in schools including saliva tests after the Winter break
  • Remote working must stay the rule when possible, Elisabeth Borne says
  • No trip between regions restrictions during the Winter break
  • Curfew checking reinforced and fines increasing by 53%
  • Likely anticipated reopening of circulating cultural places

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