Covid: Health pass, vaccination, local restrictions, Jean Castex' latest announcements

Published by Alexandre G., Manon C. · Published on 24 July 2021 at 11h52
Jean Castex was invited this Wednesday July 21, 2021 on TF1 news broadcast to present the latest governmental measures and decisions applying to the health crisis, especially because of the dramatic outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Prime Minister has confirmed the government's strategy, namely vaccinating and health pass, considering the country entered the 4th wave. The Constitutional Council will be referred to again once the health pass bill will be voted by the Parliament. Here is more on the matter.

"This is the fourth wave, we need to take action". Invited on TF1 this Wednesday July 21, 2021, Jean Castex has addressed the worrying evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in France. The Prime Minister also announced new prospects for the weeks to come. Vaccination, health pass especially in schoolsreinforcing measureslocal restrictions, the head of government has detailed the government's strategy against the coronavirus outbreak in France.

First of all, the Prime Minister has addressed the state of the health situation. "This is the fourth wave, we need to get ready", the head of government considers. As for the epidemic data, Jean Castex has confirmed Santé Publique France data such as the increase in the incidence rate and the number of contaminations, added to the always growing hospital pressure.

Before the health pass bill is voted by the parliamentarians, "in the meantime, we shall not stay idle", the Prime Minister considers. With this in mind, Castex has confirmed he will refer to the Constitutional Council once the bill has been passed, thinking "public freedom issues" are at stake.

Furthermore, about new local curbing measures, the Prime Minister has said it will involve "facemask-wearing - that can be general on a department, or in some areas with higher populations. [...] Curbing measures are for instance facemask-wearing, closing some establishments open to the public from 11 p.m. These are measures we know, but adapted to the reality of situations", the Prime Minister considers. "For now, goals are to deploy the health pass and reinforce vaccination", he claims.

As for establishments open to the public such as bars or restaurants now subject to the health pass since Wednesday July 21, checking the health pass in these places have to do with "the establishment's responsibility". But "anything connected with checking one's identity is not their responsibility", Jean Castex adds. In the event of a fraud about the patron's identity, there will be "second level controls by the security forces, then, or for random police check", thinking it will be a "major evolution" of the health pass.

Moreover, the government gives a "pedagogic" week to establishments open to the public subject to the pass from Wednesday. "Then will come penalties", the Prime Minister warns. "Until then, I ask competent Ministers - for shopping malss, cafés and restaurants - to see with the profession how they can try and find the right solutions. In other words, convincing that it is in our common interest it works", the head of government hammers home.

The health pass goes to school past the summer. "Our entire strategy since the crisis began [...] consists in making children in France go to school as much as possible. [...] So, we are not saying now: 'If you are not vaccinated, especially some cannot do, you won't go to school'. So, no health pass in schools", he concludes.

As for vaccination, the Prime Minister revealed the government's goal. "In the coming two weeks, we will open 5 million appointments. The numbered goal is to reach 40 million primo-vaccinees by the end of July. And 50 million by late August", he thinks. This is a "common challenge for the last week of July and the first week of August" so we can "reach at least 4 million vaccines per week, then 8 millions out of the two". As for contact cases already vaccinated, they no longer have to comply with a self-isolation period.

Last but not least, Jean Castex's latest statements targeted people committing violence to protest against the health pass. "We will be hard-nosed with those coming to violence, alluding to the yellow star, or the Shoah, lashing out at parlementarians on call, setting fire to vaccination centers", the Prime Minister states.

Jean Castex's statements, Wednesday July 21, 2021:

  • No health pass in schools, Castex promises
  • Curfew and facemask-wearing on a local basis in the event of a dramatic outbreak
  • Checking health pass in establishments open to the public, but ID checks by the police
  • the Constitutional Council will be refered to as for the public freedom once the health pass is passed by the Parliament
  • 50 million primo-vaccinees by the end of August, Jean Castex hopes
  • Teenagers can be vaccinated in high schools and junior high schools after the summer
  • Vaccinees no longer have to self-isolate, Jean Castex announces

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