Covid: oxygen shortages likely to occur across the world

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 21 January 2021 at 16h11
To treat Covid-19 sick, hospitals across the world use a lot of oxygen for lack of anything better. As exposed by Le Parisien, some areas in South America and Africa are starting to lack pure air.

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals are lacking oxygen. In an article published on Thursday January 21, 2021, Le Parisien writes that some parts of the world are starting to experience oxygen shortage. This precious constituent element key to living matter is widely used to treat patients suffering from severe coronavirus.

Furthermore, many statements show the beginning of shortfall. For instance, in Brazil, a video shot by a young citizen, Thalita Rocha, has been massively shared as she calls for her fellow citizens to bring oxygen to the Manaus hospital. Interviewed by Le Parisien, Bernard Zenou – head of a company specialized in selling oxygen generators – explains that “there are [shortages] in some countries in Africa, South America, and Asia”. He says that “with Covid-19 oxygen needs in hospitals have been multiplied by seven and even ten”.

In France, the situation remains tense. If health authorities are worried, it is mostly because of the dependence to the supply of this precious diatomic gas. Furthermore, the company head explains why the current process is dangerous. “The system the most used today is buying liquid oxygen or oxygen bottle and have it delivered from factories. But, when one delivery a week was enough, deliveries now occur once a day. If trucks were not to drive for about twenty-four hours, it could lead to troubles” he told Le Parisien.

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