Covid: indoor facemask-wearing to be ditched from March 14 in France, excluding in transportation

Published by Caroline J., My B., Laurent P., Cécile D. · Published on 14 March 2022 at 07h44
Invited on TF1 television news, Jean Castex announced the end of compulsory facemask-wearing indoor from March 14, 2022. Yet, masks will be mandatory in transportation.

Homemade, bought in a store or pharmacy, disposable or reusable, Covid-19 face covers are now a very common item in one’s daily life. Yet, it is now always very enjoyed amid the people. And yet, it is rarely enjoyed by the people. So, after outdoor facemask-wearing was lifted on February 2, many people wonder when the indoor facemask-wearing will be lifted.

The answer was brought this Thursday by Jean Castex. The Prime Minister was invited on TF1 television news to specify the latest easing measures of the health restrictions in France. In addition to the recess of the vaccine pass, the chief of the executive announced facemask-wearing is no longer compulsory from March 14.

For the record, facemask-wearing is no longer compulsory in closed places subject to the vaccine pass (restaurants, movie theaters, theaters, show venues...) since February 28. From March 14, it will be no longer needed indoors, namely stores, as well as companies and administrations. This is good news for many French people eager to ditch the mask in these different closed places and especially ay workd.

Careful though, the Prime Minister announced exceptions. Therefore, facemask-wearing remains compulsory in transportation. "Facemask-wearing stay compulsory in the public transportation of travelers", he explained, highlighting "overcrowding" in transportation.

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