Covid: “This could be the peak” of the third wave, Gabriel Attal thinks

Published by Cécile D. · Photos by My B. · Published on 22 April 2021 at 14h05
After the ministerial council held this Wednesday April 21, 2021, government spokesman Gabriel Attal revealed many news to the press. Among them, the idea the third Covid-19 contamination wave is eventually peaking in France. Therefore, it is expected the decline of this wave be faster than the increase.

Lockdown is eventually paying off: according to the government, the contamination curve is finally starting to decline. “The number of new cases detected declines, so is the incidence rate. […] The number of people in intensive care tends to stabilize. It seems this could be the peak – or close to be so”, Attal announced this April 21, 2021 after the ministerial council.

Yet, the epidemic remains very active in France. The arrival and multiplication of variants makes the virus “withdraw twice as low than in November”, and Covid-19 is more resistant to the health measures implemented by the government. Furthermore, the government spokesman warns citizens: even though the third wave has peaked and it starts to decline, “we’re far from being able to return to normal medical activity”.

The government also notices different situations between regions that are more or less invaded by the virus, as well as alarming circumstances some countries – such as Brazil and India – are.

Despite these constatations, the spokesman gave a bit of hope to the French who have been enduring lockdown and curfew for very long weeks.

This is also at the end of the ministerial council Attal has announced terraces, some cultural places, and non-necessary stores might reopen from mid-May. The government spokesman also addressed the end of the lockdown and easing of curfew starting from May.

More news about the health situation in France to be shared this Thursday April 22 in the evening during the press conference hosted by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

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