Covid: variants soon to be no longer specified on PCR test results

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 26 May 2021 at 10h33
Will the different Covid variants soon be no longer specified on PCR test results? This is what the national union trade for biologists announced this Sunday May 23 to Le Parisien explaining the note is to disappear from May 31 for a more neutral designation, “virus mutation”.

A designation to disappear from May 31… The Syndicat National des Biologistes announced this Sunday May 23 to Le Parisien the specification of the different variants will soon no longer be specified on PCR test results from the end of the month. You will no longer be able to find out if you have been infected by the UK, Brazilian, South-African or Indian variant. “We’ll no longer write it down. It actually doesn’t matter”, the Union Trade president, François Blanchecotte, explains.

The sole designation now put on test results will be “virus mutation”. “It’s a change of philosophy in the way variants are tracked”, virologist and Scientific Committee member Bruno Lina says. Since variants will keep on being tracked down and assessed. To our peers from Le Parisien, he explains three strains are thoroughly monitored, namely 484 K, 484 Q and L452 R. “Seeing a mutation spread across the population could warn us about the arrival of a fourth wave”, Blanchecotte goes on.

Three mutations found in variants currently spreading across territories, whether it involves the UK, SA, Indian, or Brazilian variant, or even more rare and faraway variants such as the California or Nigeria variant. Please also note in France, the UK variant is the main strain in the country including over 85% of cases reported in the country.

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