Covid: a “major risk” if the 4th wave hits in August, Île-de-France regional health agency director warns

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 28 July 2021 at 11h21
As the toll of new Covid-19 cases increases again in Île-de-France, Île-de-France regional health agency (ARS) director fears an early fourth wave, likely to hit from August. If so, then it will be a “major risk” for hospitals, Aurélien Rousseau told Journal du Dimanche.

The fourth wave worries scientists and authorities more with each passing day. In an interview with Journal du Dimanche issued this July 25, Île-de-France ARS director Aurélien Rousseau fears this new wave. He thinks in the event of an early arrival – at the beginning of August – it will then likely be “a major risk” for hospitals.

After three waves, there is no doubt: yes, there will be an impact on hospitals”, Rousseau claims, yet adding that “epidemic model projections are more uncertain than last summer”, as long as a part of the population is vaccinated.

The major risk would be an early outbreak of the wave, in August, as there is a staff shortfall. If it happens in September, more staff would have resumed work, but one cannot evacuate a year and a half of work in a few weeks of rest”, he considers, in the interview.

Furthermore, to curb the 4th wave of contaminations, Rousseau reminds that “we have a massive weapon: vaccination. […] Each injection can prevent admission in ICU within a month”, he claims.

Visiting French Polynesia this July 25, Emmanuel Macron also reminded the importance of getting vaccinated to face the spread of the Delta variant in the country.

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