Covid: according to Pr. Yves Buisson, facemask-wearing is a “necessary measure”

Published by Manon C. · Published on 3 January 2022 at 17h03
Pr. Yves Buisson considers compulsory facemask-wearing outdoor again is a “necessary measure” for the “transmission occurs less outdoors than indoors; it is not non-existent”.

This Wednesday December 29, 2021, Paris Police Prefecture announced facemask-wearing was compulsory again outdoors in Paris, starting from Friday December 31, 2021. The measure – extended since then to the entire Île-de-France – applies to people over the age of 11, “excluding people driving their cars, bicyclers, and two-wheeler drivers", or "people working out".

This Thursday December 30, 2021, interviewed by France Info, Pr. Yves Buisson considers it is necessary “all the French be aware we are entering a critical stage where all precautions are necessary. […] Transmission occurs less outdoors than indoors; it is not non-existent, especially in places where there is a wide density of people”, he says.

He goes on: “We need everyone to get aware this virus is highly transmissible, we need to reinforce precaution measures, facemask-wearing being a necessary measure. A surgical facemask will do just well” for small journeys like in public transits. “For longer hauls” by plane or train, the head of Covid cell at the National Medicine Academy recommends wearing a FFP2 facemask.

With such an incidence rate, anyway, within 10 to 15 days, we will see an increase in severe illness necessity hospitalizations and even intensive cares”, Buisson warns.

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