Omicron to push Covid toward being an endemic disease, the European Medicines Agency says

Published by Manon C. · Published on 14 January 2022 at 12h25
According to the European Medicines Agency, the Omicron variant might be able to transform Covid into an endemic disease with which the people can and will have to learn to live with.

This Tuesday January 11, 2022, the European Medicines Agency sounded rather confident as for the future of the pandemic in Europe and the world. As a matter of fact, according to Marco Cavaleri, the Omicron variant could be able to enable the pandemic to become an endemic disease the world’s population can and will have to learn to live with.

Nobody knows exactly when we will be at the end of the tunnel but we will be there. With the increase of immunity in population – and with Omicron, there will be a lot of natural immunity taking place on top of vaccination – we will be fast moving towards a scenario that will be closer to endemicity. But we should not forget we are still in a pandemic”, head of vaccine strategy at the EMA, told journalists.

Asked about the vaccine strategy and the fourth dose of vaccine, the European Medicines Agency agrees with the statements from the World Health Organization considering boosters are not the way out of the Covid pandemic for the world.

If we have a strategy in which we give boosters every four months, we will end up potentially having problems with immune response. And secondly of course there is the risk of fatigue in the population with continuous administration of boosters”, Cavaleri said this Tuesday.

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