Easter 2019 by Maison Le Roux

Published by Manon C. · Published on 22 January 2019 at 14h45
Maison Le Roux chocolate maker Julien Gouzien has designed for Easter 2019 a chocolate egg covered in small Greek blue eyes to bring you luck!

For Easter 2019Maison Le Roux honors Greece with a lovely Easter egg called “Oeil Bleu”. Indeed, this Madagascar chocolate egg is enhanced by a multitude of small Greek blue eyes.

You know, the same eyes you have on your keyring that your family brought you from their holidays in Greece to bring you luck and protect you from the evil eye!

Pâques 2019 by Maison Le Roux

Available with a 70% cocoa dark chocolate version or 45% cocoa milk chocolate version, this 200-g chocolate egg contains traditional mini chocolates shaped like shells and other little fishes flavored with dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

Maison Le Roux chocolate maker chef Julien Gouzien invites you to discover this beauty from April 2, 2019 in the three Parisian stores of the brand.

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Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 2 April 2019 to 21 April 2019



    52 Rue Saint-Dominique
    75007 Paris 7


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