Easter eggs 2018 by Michaël Bartocetti from Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Michaël Bartocetti’s Easter egg 2018 for Shangri-La Hotel Paris takes us to another galaxy. Discover Spacio in his wonderful “Galaxio” vessel promoting the exhibition “Artists & Robots” at Grand Palais. We tasted it and we know you want to as well, it’s to die for…

This year, for Easter 2018Shangri-La Hotel Paris invites us to go in our imaginary through an Easter egg as beautiful as original.

In order to answer to the partnership initiated by Grand Palais for its compelling exhibition “Artists & Robots” (running from April 5 to July 9), Michaël Bartocetti, the Parisian palace pastry chef, worked for 6 months to create Galaxio, a cartoon-like futurist vessel with its tiny robot.

L’Oeuf de Pâques Galaxio de Michael Bartocceti au Shangri-La Paris

Halfway between a rocket and Nautilus submarine from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the whole will please gourmet children and adults who love steampunk style. We love the playful cartoon style of this egg.

But, I can hear you gourmet people, you wonder what it’s made of? The Galaxio ship (500gr for 15-cm long) is based on 66% Caribbean dark chocolate, sweet and fruity, and sprinkled with Kasha seeds, caramelized hazelnuts and salt flower. Obviously, it’s filled with mini Easter chocolates. We love how sweet this dark chocolate tastes, children we love it too, and how original the taste brought by Kasha seeds is, Kasha being peeled and grilled buckwheat.

L’Oeuf de Pâques Galaxio de Michael Bartocceti au Shangri-La Paris

As for the tiny robot, named Spacio, and captain of the Galaxio, is based on 40% Jivara milk chocolate. We love the sweetness of its hazelnut praline twisted by the kasha seeds.

And the icing on the cake is that if you buy the egg, you’ll be handed over a ticket entrance for 2 to discover the “Artists & Robots” exhibition at Grand Palais.

In short, how about an Easter egg as beautiful as delicious while enjoying a pass for an amazing exhibition?

L’Oeuf de Pâques Galaxio de Michael Bartocceti au Shangri-La Paris

And if you stop by the tea salon, we invite you to taste the Paris-Kazette or the Peau de Lait, pastries we still dream of. Careful, they are highly addictive, we’ve warned you!

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Last updated on 29 March 2018

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From 10 March 2018 to 5 April 2018



    10 Avenue d'Iéna
    75116 Paris 16

    78 €

    Recommended age
    For all

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    En vente à emporter - Réservations 24h à l’avance au restaurant La Bauhinia : 01 53 67 19 91
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