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Pâques 2018 Bernadré

Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by Nicolas Bernardé

Haute couture chocolate pieces… For this Easter 2018, Pastry chef Nicolas Bernardé will make children and adults’ heart melt!
Pâques 2018 Gaudard

Easter chocolates 2018 by Sébastien Gaudard

Lambs, nest, fishes, chickens, eggs and even bells… Sébastien Gaudard invites you to discover his chocolatey creations thought-up for this Easter 2018.
L’Oeuf de Pâques Galaxio de Michael Bartocceti au Shangri-La Paris

Easter eggs 2018 by Michaël Bartocetti from Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Michaël Bartocetti’s Easter egg 2018 for Shangri-La Hotel Paris takes us to another galaxy. Discover Spacio in his wonderful “Galaxio” vessel promoting the exhibition “Artists & Robots” at Grand Palais. We tasted it and we know you want to as well, it’s to die for…
Pâques 2017 au Hard Rock Café

Easter 2018 by Hard Rock Cafe Paris

Every year, Hard Rock Café organizes animations for Easter within its Parisian restaurant. This Sunday March 25, 2018, we meet at Hard Rock Café from 9 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. for a morning full of surprises and of course, it will be a gourmet one!
Pâques 2018 Pouchkine

Easter 2018 by Café Pouchkine in Paris

Eggs, nests and Matryoshka dolls… Discover now the crispy creations thought-up by Café Pouchkine for this Easter 2018.
La Bonbonnière de Pâques du Prince de Galles, les photos

Easter 2018 in Paris: Prince de Galles Easter Candy Box

For Easter 2018, love of good food is given pride of place at Prince de Galles. Executive chef Stéphanie Le Quellec and her pastry chef Nicolas Paciello take us back to our childhood by offering a superb Candy Box filled with delicious chocolate candies.
La Chasse aux oeufs de Pâques Senoble dans les Jardins du Palais Royal

Easter egg hunt 2018 in Paris Palais Royal gardens by Senoble

For Easter, Maison Senoble presents an arty egg created by artisan chocolate-maker Hervé Robin: the Oeuf Colorama. To celebrate Easter as it should be, on Saturday March 31, 2018, Senoble organizes a big egg hunt in the Palais Royal gardens.
Pâques 2018 by Pierre Hermé

Easter 2018 by Pierre Hermé

For this Easter 2018, Pierre Hermé fulfills the most demanding gourmet taste buds with splendid and exquisite chocolate eggs, bunnies and chickens to be discovered from February 28 to April 8, 2018!
Le chocolat de Pâques 2018 de François Perret au Ritz Paris

Easter chocolate 2018 by François Perret from Ritz Paris

Ritz Paris invites families to come along and celebrate Easter on Sunday April 1, on the beautiful terrace. On the menu, a delicious Easter brunch of course, as well as Easter eggs hunts and many other surprises in a sumptuous décor.
Fête des Mères 2013 au Trianon Palace Versailles

Easter chocolates 2018 by Trianon Palace

How about presenting some delicate Easter chocolates to your guests? Trianon Palace Versailles offers 7 Easter chocolates available on sale. Let’s go for it? Moreover, the pastry chef, Eddy Benghamen came up with really cute chocolate pieces.