Epiphany Cake 2022 with controlled glycemic index by Les Belles Envies

Published by Manon C. · Photos by Elodie D. · Published on 30 December 2021 at 08h38
Craving an Epiphany Cake 2022 that will be good for you although you are watching your figure or avoiding sugar? Les Belles Envies’s Epiphany Cake is THE solution for diabetics and people looking for low glycemic index food.

May all those watching their figures or limiting or avoiding carbs be reassured: you do not have to say goodbye to Epiphany 2022 and Epiphany cakes. Les Belles Envies pastry and chocolate store has thought about everything and especially you with an Epiphany Cake 2022 with controlled glycemic index.

Inside this light cake, scrumptious and homemade frangipane based on natural almonds and coconut sugar, twisted with a splash or dark rum, light semi-whole wheat flour puff pastry. The outcome: for 100g of cake, only 31g of carbohydrates. You cannot get better unless you have no cake at all!

Moreover, the Les Belles Envies Epiphany cake is available for a very soft price: €29.5 for the cake serving 6 or €5.50 the slice if you are on the go.

Available in the two Les Belles Envies stores in Paris 17th (Ternes area) and 5th (Maubert-Mutualité area) arrondissements.

For you can treat yourself while paying attention to your diet and figure!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 January 2022



    3 Rue Monge
    75005 Paris 5

    La part: €5.5
    La galette pour 6: €29.5

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