Epiphany Cakes 2022 by Eric Kayser

Published by Manon C. · Published on 17 December 2021 at 09h05
To seduce foodies and other Epiphany cake fans, Eric Kayser proposes for Epiphany 2022 two cakes and a Kings' Brioche.

For Epiphany 2022, Maison Kayser invites you to discover their indulging creations. Cakes with classic or original flavors and a Kings' Brioche if you like it.

  • Lemon Frangipane Epiphany Cake

An Epiphany cake inspired by frangipane and lemon pie. The sourness of the lemon cream matches the soft almond cream and the crunch of pure butter puff pastry.
Price: one size, serving 6-7: €27

  • Frangipane Epiphany Cake

The Galette Frangipane with almond cream filling is back! Pure butter from Poitou puff pastry for a pure moment of delight.
Price: serving one: €4; serving 4-5: €17; serving 6-7: €25; serving 8-9: €33; serving 10-11: €43

  • Kings' Brioche

Galettes des Rois 2021 de Eric Kayser Galettes des Rois 2021 de Eric Kayser Galettes des Rois 2021 de Eric Kayser Galettes des Rois 2021 de Eric Kayser

A fleshy brioche shaped like a crown. Flavored with orange blossom and filled with candied fruits and big sugar beads.
Price: serving one: €3.70; serving 4-5: €16.50; serving 6-7: €23

These cakes - likely to surprise many people - are to be discovered in January 2022 in Kayser stores!

Happy Epiphany 2022 to all!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 5 January 2022



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    75008 Paris 8

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