Dîner en Blanc 2017 at Paris Hôtel de Ville

Dîner en Blanc, a select event gathering thousands of guests for a giant picnic, has been held on Thursday June 8, 2017. After taking over the Centre Pompidou, the Concorde, this year’s Dîner en Blanc has taken over Paris Hôtel de Ville in a festive atmosphere!

And here is THE smart event in June… Dîner en Blanc, gathering every year thousands of guests all dressed in white for a picnic. It has been almost 30 years since the event exists and gets itself talked about. Why so? Well, simply because most of Parisians and tourists hear about it after it has been held, or because some of them receive a precious door opener a few hours before, a SMS from the organizers.

Yes, it is. Dîner en Blanc is a very peculiar event, a dinner fascinating the whole world, so much that numerous cities followed the movement in 2012. Guests, invited upon cooptation and hand-picked, must come all dressed in white with chairs, tables, tableware, meal and white napkins.

Le Dîner en blanc 2017 à l'Hôtel de Ville

During the course of the evening, magical candles and lamps lighten up the evening making the venue absolutely majestic! Even though the atmosphere is easy-going, the organizers have not applied for an authorization at the police, so guests are renegades for the evening.

Disagreement within the group or other organizers, we do not know but hundreds of people already gathered for a magical dinner on June 1, 2017 at the Pantheon…

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Diner en Blanc, June 8, 2017
Paris Hôtel de Ville

Elodie D.
Last updated on 9 June 2017

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