Opening of the first sex doll brothel in Paris

A very special brothel has opened this Thursday February 1, 2018 in Paris. It offers its clients a rather unusual experience: having a good time with one of the silicon sex dolls. Yes, you read well! Discover the universe of the XDolls.

A few days ago, the X Dolls company decided to commit the forbidden. Even though it’s no longer allowed in France since the Marthe Richard law dating from 1946, the company X Dolls has decided to make the best out of a legal vacuum by opening a one-of-a kind brothel. Because yes, legally speaking, X Dolls doesn’t rent anything else but “toys, a piece of metal with silicon” says founder Joachim Lousquy.

Indeed, X Dolls doesn’t want to offer you the usual women’s attentions, like most brothels are used to offer, but dolls made out of silicon.

For the X Dolls company, that prefers calling these strange creatures “Sex Dolls”, these are first and foremost “next-generation sex toys”. They have been created to become “very realistic reproductions of [your] favorite partners” says the CEO.

Ouverture d'une maison close de poupées à Paris

The said dolls are called Lily, a 4ft9-Asian woman, Sofia, a5ft3-slim Occidental woman, or Kim, the 5ft-curvy Latina woman, and photographs of them allow clients to make their choice.

For one hour in the company of one them, you will have to pay at least €89 and a €100 guarantee in cash is needed. So, if you want to take the experience further, the company also offers you to entirely customize your doll.

Ouverture d'une maison close de poupées à Paris

If you wonder why one hour at least, well, the explanation lies in the handling of the doll: “The joints are rigid to keep the Sexdoll in the wanted position, it needs a little bit of time between each movement. Sessions under one hour are, according to us, too short to handle the Sexdoll of your dreams well and make the best of the experience”.

These bodies made out of silicone with a soft skin are very realistic, underlines master of the place Joakim Louski. If all this sounds really odd, it can be a solution for a shy clientele feeling very lonely and that cannot make it to enjoy prostitutes’ services.

 Ouverture d'une maison close de poupées à Paris

True phenomena in Japan, similar companies already made a fortune by offering models with the features of your favorite celebrities, here’s an example with the “Scarlett Johansson” model.

So far, the place is held secret. Only a client who has made a reservation via the website is told the address. Yet, French radio station Europe 1 says the famous brothel is set in Paris 14th arrondissement, with a discreet but really recognizable façade: the entrance door of the establishment is said to display a door handle displaying a “X Dolls” mention.

According to Louski: “If it can help people having a sexuality, while they are living in a deep sexually misery, I think it’s good. Bringing some joy to these people, I think it’s a wonderful business”.

The first clue that may trigger all interested people’s curiosity!

Tatiana D.
Last updated on 6 February 2018

Practical information

supplément VR: 19 €
séance de 1 heure: 89 €
séance de 1 heure spéciale couple: 120 €
séance de 2 heures: 149 €

Recommended age
From 18 years old

Official website

More information
Paris 14. Adresse tenue secrète.

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