Snow in Ile de France: road traffic and public transport

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The snow actually falling on Paris and the Ile-de-France makes road and public transport traffic difficult. This is the occasion for the editorial board to come back on the road traffic and public transportation: buses, trains and other transport.

Tough day for Parisians and Ile-de-France inhabitants. Why? The snow currently falling, Tuesday January 22, 2019 in Ile de France, covering roads, sidewalks and rooftops in the capital and the region. Weather conditions significantly slow road traffic and public transport today. This is the occasion for us to come back on the current situation and we advise you all to be very careful.

La Neige à ParisLa Neige à ParisLa Neige à ParisLa Neige à Paris

Road traffic:

Circulation is rather disturbed in Paris and Ile de France, so much that the Police Headquarters activated the level 2 of the Snow and Icy Patches plan, recommending people to use public transportation. There are traffic jams on A3, A86 near Bobigny, an accident on A86 towards La Courneuve as well as on a part of the external southern beltway and on the northern beltway.

Traffic jams are also present on A106 near Rungis towards Chevilly. Note that RN118 is forbidden to vehicles over 3.5t according to our colleagues from Europe 1 and is said to be closed on Sytadin, a website analyzing traffic in real time. After last year's events that saw many car drivers stuck on this road, you'd rather use another itinerary.

Within Paris, the traffic is hard on the Champs-Elysées, the Quai Montebello, the Boulevard Richard Lenoir, the Boulevard Sébastopol and the rue de Rivoli. The government and Paris authorities asked Parisians and Ile de France inhabitants not to use their cars today.

 It reads: Risk of snow and icy patches in Ile de France: the Chief of Police forbids heavy trucks to drive on RN118 starting this Tuesday January 22 at 6 a.m. Car drives are asked to be cautious on the road.

La Neige à ParisLa Neige à ParisLa Neige à ParisLa Neige à Paris

RER, Transiliens and metro trains:

Speaking of the rail network, RER A lines is disrupted since this morning because of the weather. Moving on to the metro, only line 9 is slow because of a signalling failure.

Speaking of the tramway, lines  T5 and T6 are affected because of the weather. The other lines continue working. For buses, the traffic seems to be working.

Laurent P.
Last updated on 29 January 2019

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