Autolib’ in Paris, coming to an end?

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 24 August 2018 at 19h16
Autolib’ in Paris, coming to an end? After Vélib’ streak of bad luck, it’s now car sharing service Autolib’s turn to be in the Île-de-France cities’ sights. At issue, the cost of the contract signed until 2023 and the service deteriorating… Autolib Vélib Metropole trade union is said to meet on Thursday June 21, 2018 with one question: should Autolib’ service be stopped now?

On May 31, 2018, the SAVM also known as “Conseil du syndicat Autolib Vélib’ Métropole” [Autolib Vélib’ Métropole trade union] confirmed the determination of 110 municipalities joining Autolib’ to stand up for their inhabitants’ interests against the company. It’s out of question to make the taxpayers bear the costs that could be the company’s responsibility. “It would be out of question to stop the car sharing service in the coming months!”

How did we get into this?

Innovative service in 2011, Autolib’ managed to meet the new sharing needs. With over 1100 stations in Paris and the urban fringe, 6000 electric vehicles able to drive for 250 km, and a Premium subscription for €120 for a year allowing you to pay €0.23/min, Autolib’ was tempting!

Small problems. In 7 years, Autolib earned a bad reputation, with damaged cars, deserted stations and different services but the city of Paris has undergone an increase in the car sharing services and car transport services provided by a chauffeur.

While in 2011, on the signing of this Public Service Delegation contract, the Groupe Bolloré (the manager) anticipated a return on investment of €56.3 million in 2023 (date of the end of the Public Service Delegation contract)… 7 years later, the assessment is very different and the service is said to be in the red, over €293 million for the 2011-2023 period!

Autolib' à Paris, bientôt fini ?Autolib' à Paris, bientôt fini ?Autolib' à Paris, bientôt fini ?Autolib' à Paris, bientôt fini ?

According to the Groupe Bolloré, “Syndicat Mixte managers have been regularly informed of Autolib’ financial deterioration resulting in the competition between car transport services provided by a chauffer and the too-bold deployment of stations decreed by the trade union. The Autolib’ company recalls that in the past few months, it has offered financial and operational solutions infinitely less expensive and without discontinuance of the service. Those have been systematically rejected by the trade union.”

Note that if the termination of the Public Service Delegation contract passes on Thursday June 21, the service won’t stop overnight for users.

Paris after Autolib’?

The Authorities assessed it itself: at the City Hall, we find Renault, PSA, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Drivy, Ubeeqo, Zipcar, Citiz, Communauto, Car2Go, Vulog, Zencarz, Sixt, Hertz and Clem’. For professionals, 20.000 cars could be shared within Paris and in the urban fringe in the coming months/years without using public funds!

The cities of the metropole refused to pay the €233 million the Groupe Bolloré demands, while the group says it’s an integral part of the contract, including the transfer of 500 agents, the recovery of the car and station values and the damages for the current contract…

To be continued then…

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