Paris subway ticket to disappear from 2021

It’s official, Paris subway ticket will disappear in 2021, replaced by rechargeable Navigo passes! This measure, we heard about for months, is becoming real with the setting up of a trial happening in April 2019… So, for or against it?

It’s the end of an era! Magnetic subway tickets we’ve been told not to bend or loose are to disappear. The end, scheduled for 2021, should be voted this Wednesday by Ile-de-France Mobilités, the public transport authority.

The idea is to set up 2 passes that can be rechargeable and used by everyone: children, tourists, foreigners, on which we can “integrate” one-day passes and tickets, called Navigo Liberté and Navigo Easy.

  • Navigo Liberté: commercialized in October 2019
    The idea of this pass is to create an intermediary between the monthly Navigo passes and ticket book. You will pay according to your use (within the limit of €17.80, meaning the one-day pass), so your bank account details will be required!

  • Navigo Easy: the non-nominative tourist pass
    Today, there’s already a Navigo Découverte pass for €5 allowing to charge various Navigo packages (Weekly, Monthly, Daily) even though you’re just visiting Paris. This pass will evolve, and you can charge a ticket for 1 destination, a ticket book, a weekly pass or a monthly one. Careful though, you can’t get back the among of the travel tickets that you haven’t used, “yet, there’s no limit of validity and since it’s non-nominative, it can be passed down to a friend” manager Kamel Ould-Saïd says.

Votre Smartphone va servir de Pass Navigo dès 2019

With these passes, Ile-de-France-Mobilités expects to replace the 550 million subway tickets sold every year in Île-de-France, a new step towards the pass digitalization and their use on smartphones!

Then, with these passes, you can finally use the network transportations for 90 minutes, for the price of one ticket, as the basic system requires.

Elodie D.
Last updated on 10 July 2018

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