Paris downtown said to be soon entirely reserved for pedestrians?

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 15 November 2018 at 09h58
Pedestrianizing the first four arrondissements of the French capital. So is the wish of Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo who would like to reserve the historic downtown of Paris for pedestrians.

After the day without car held this past September 16, then the pedestrianization of the first four arrondissements of Paris one Sunday per month (set up since October 7, 2018), Paris Mayor would like to go even further.

Indeed, Anne Hidalgo would like to pedestrianize Paris historical downtown. This is what the AFP [French Press Agency] has announced on Wednesday November 14.

So far, nothing has been done yet, according to Paris Mayor’s entourage, the measure would be adopted after “deeper considerations in consultation with all the parties”. So, the police headquarters and the arrondissement mayors will be associated, the City of Paris has explained.

To go further into the project, Anne Hidalgo would like to create – within the first four arrondissements – on the right bank, “an extremely restricted traffic area including autonomous electric shuttles”.

The idea is to keep making the effort started with the “Paris Respire” action aiming at pedestrianizing the first four arrondissements every first Sunday per month. This action should be extended to all Sundays in 2019.

Some good news for all those who would like to enjoy the city center of the City of Lights with no motor vehicles nor noise pollution.

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