An urban garden said to open soon under the Barbès-La Chapelle-Stalingrad aerial metro

Published by Manon C. · Published on 26 March 2019 at 19h07
An urban garden is said to open this summer 2019 on the upcoming Promenade Barbès-Chapelle-Stalingrad thanks to the call for projects launched by the Paris city hall and the winner has just been unveiled.

How sad does the median strip look like under the aerial metro on the Barbès-La Chapelle-Stalingrad line… To spruce up the neighborhood and give it an ecological shot in the arm, Paris city hall launched back in November 2018 a call for projects called “Cultivons la promenade Barbès-Chapelle-Stalingrad” [Let’s grow the promenade Barbès-Chapelle-Stalingrad].

Big news, the city hall of Paris has just revealed the winner of the call for projects: the Vergers Urbains association, in partnership with Pépins Production, Boco Loco and Urbanescence associations are about to delevop the “Les Fermiers Généreux” [The Generous Farmers] project.

Les Fermiers Généreux is a playful and participative urban farming project covering about 700sqm of the future promenade Barbès-Chapelle-Stalingrad, and more precisely a portion of the median strip set on Boulevard de La Chapelle, under metro line 2 viaduct, by the bridge crossing the railway lines of the Gare de l’Est.

This project aims at making Parisians and tourists discover urban farming. To do so, it will provide several spaces including a participative and productive garden, a mobile kitchen, and DIY, relaxation and exhibitions areas.

The first plantations are planned for this summer!

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