Table Square: the huge place devoted to gastronomy said to open in April 2020 at La Défense

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 6 February 2020 at 15h21
La Défense business district keeps on changing. Opening in April 2020, a new place devoted to gastronomy is said to open. Its name? Table Square. On the occasion, big names have been announced such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Akrame Benallal and even Olivier Bellin.

Dear foodies, please take note. Table Square is said to open in April 2020. To discover in the heart of the Esplanade de la Défense, facing the Bassin Agam, at the foot of the Coeur Défense and EDF towers, this new project devoted to gastronomy will cover 4,500-sqm, and three different pavilions, an 800-sqm terrace and a large main square covering 800 sqm.

Goal of this new place: "Providing a new gourmet, qualitative, varied and multicultural offer to all". Table Square also advocates a "healthier, more beautiful and better" way to eat, a "state of minde shared by all restaurateurs and players in this project". So what are the culinary projects you can find at Table Square?

All in all 6 gourmet signatures have been announced such as multi Michelin-star Anne-Sophie Pic said to settle her gourmet canteen “Daily Pic”, along with Eclipse and Mersea, respectively provided by two-star chefs Akrame and Oliver Bellin, or even Kodeo to enjoy quality and homemade Japanese food cooked by Japanese mothers!

Table Square La DéfenseTable Square La DéfenseTable Square La DéfenseTable Square La Défense

Different concepts will rub shoulders to offer a lively and warm place with restaurants, terraces and a peculiar architectureUrban Renaissance CEO and the mastermind behind this incredible project Olivier Durand said.

Stay tuned to know more and meet in April 2020 to taste what Table Square has in store.

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