Guide Lebey: 2019’s best culinary creations

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 10 April 2019 at 11h19
Best starter, best dessert, best meat dish or even best vegetarian dish… The famous guide Lebey des Restaurants de Paris has just dropped the winners of the “Meilleures Créations Culinaires de l’Année 2019” [2019’s Best Culinary Creations]

After Guide Michelin revealed the new starred chefs for 2019, it’s time for Guide Lebey des Restaurants de Paris to unveil the winners of the edition 2019.

The occasion to discover the Best Culinary Creations of the Year in Paris.

This year, 1200 restaurants in Paris and its surroundings have been visited anonymously. All in all, seven dishes have been rewarded.

Discover now the winners 2019:

Best starter
Poached oysters, raw cream with horseradish, beetroot and lemon
By Matthias Marc, Substance – 75016 Paris

Best fish or crustacean
Cooked and raw jumbo shrimps, sunchokes October 2017, sunchokes cream, seaweed confit, caviar Osciètre, jumbo shrimp head emulsion, jumbo shrimp head jelly
By Guillaume Sanchez, Neso – 75009 Paris

Best vegetarian dish
Red beetroot mille-feuille with granny smooth, hazelnut crumbs, sorrel
By Simon Horwitz, Elmer – 75003 Paris

Best meat
Bone-grilled beef fillet, lukewarm salad with Utah Beach n°1 oysters “Retour d’Asie”
By Sugio Yamaguchi, Botanique – 75011 Paris

Best dessert
Frosted green apple and Mirin
By Tadashi Nakamura, Joël Robuchon Dassaï – 75008 Paris

Best chocolate dessert
Guanaja crémeux, crispy cookie, buckwheat ice cream
By Yann Le Douaron, Edern – 75008 Paris

Best coffee dessert
Coffee flavored fir tree Extraction jelly, spiced chocolate flakes, warm creamy chocolate
By Aurélien Rivoire, Pavillon Ledoyen Alléno – 75008 Paris

Best wine list
– 75016 Paris

First opening
– 75005 Paris

Please note that this Guide Lebey des Restaurants de Paris will be available in store on April 17, 2019.

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