Notre-Dame de Paris: a temporary wooden cathedral in front of Notre-Dame?

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 18 April 2019 at 09h53 · Updated on 18 April 2019 at 10h35
After Notre-Dame de Paris caught fire, Mgr. Patrick Chauvet has announced the construction of a temporary wooden cathedral in front of Notre-Dame in order to welcome believers during the renovation of the cathedral.

It’s been announced this Thursday April 18, 2019, a temporary wooden cathedral will be set in front of Notre-Dame.

Indeed, Notre-Dame rector explained on CNews: “We shouldn’t tell ourselves ‘the cathedral is closed for 5 years and it’s done’ […] So, I asked myself: ‘Can I build a temporary cathedral in front of [Notre-Dame]’?

In this possible venue which installation is planned as soon as the place in front of Notre-Dame reopens (still closed until at least April 24th), “there will be priests to talk to”.

As for the Notre-Dame cathedral reconstruction, it should take several years (5 years according to Emmanuel Macron’s commitment). Rector Mgr. Chauvet wishes to make the les Compagnons du Devoir work “to give work to the many people who don’t have a job”.

The forest – aka the Cathedral wood structure – required 21 hectares of oak trees when it was built circa 1160-1170, a large and essential quantity (100-m long, 13-m wide in the nave, 40-m in the transept and 10-m high). We only have to know if the State will accept the 1,300 oak trees offered by the third forest owner in France – Groupama – since they don’t have enough to rebuild it the same way!

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