Climate emergency: Paris’ weather said to be similar to Canberra’s by 2050

While Paris has declared to be in a “state of climate emergency”, a study says the climate in the French capital could be similar to the one in Canberra, Australia, by 2050.

In Paris, ecology is now given pride of place. Many measures such as the pedestrianization of the Seine riverbanks, the creation of the Crit’air system or the fitting of more and more green spaces aiming at making the French capital more and more eco-responsible. By fighting against the pollution impacts and the global warming, Paris is changing very quickly.

The capital even has declared itself in a “state of climate emergency”, a measure that has also been adopted in the United Kingdom, in New York and in Ireland. A way to ring the alarm again. Following this statement, Paris has also announced a future Climate Academy as well as an IPCC Paris (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Although, global warming becomes a vital topic when it comes to the future of the capital. More and more scientific studies ring the alarm. For instance, an assessment has been made by the ETH Zurich university and released in the PLOS ONE magazine.

The latter states that, according to the most optimistic scenario, by 2050, the climate in Paris would look like the climate in Canberra, the Australian capital. European cities will then experience an average increase of 3.5°C in the summer and 4.7°C in the winter. This study has been carried out based on a climate analysis in 520 major cities in the world, relying on 19 variables (temperature, precipitation, and so on)

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 11 July 2019

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