11 new green spaces to discover in Paris this summer

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by Elodie D. · Updated on 12 July 2019 at 11h46 · Published on 12 July 2019 at 11h12
For all Parisians and tourists looking for a bubble of greenery this summer, the City of Paris unveils 11 new green spaces to roam around and rest on these beautiful sunny days.

Parisians gladly say it: the French capital lacks green spaces. To solve this problem and bring an answer to the climatic emergency, the City of Paris has decided to put the urban nature planning to the heart of their priorities.

After starting to open ten parks and gardens early in the morning, inaugurating new green areas such as the Nelson Mandela garden in Les Halles or the Jardin Marianne, the City of Paris opens this summer 6 additional hectares of green spaces to the public including eleven new green spaces and three garden extensions.

The 11 new green areas:


688sqm of plant-filled surfaces including 459sqm of accessible pitch free or filled with trees, mature plantation and fruit tree coppices all along the rue de Sully will bring some fresh air and shelter the traffic lanes.
The garden is said to open from July 11


Covering about 1735sqm, the Jardin Treska Torrès-Levin will provide 780sqm of pitches, 315sqm of tree-lined paths bringing some shade and freshness to the heart of the ZAC Beaujon.
The garden is said to open from late August

-          JARDIN MARIELLE FRANCO, 75010

The Jardin Marielle Franco is a public garden covering 2640sqm and fit as a rooftop terrace all along the railway lines of the Gare de l’Est.
Said to open mid-August


Covering 3223 sqm including 1800sqm will be open starting late August 2019, this garden is built on the former Reuilly station. The Jardin Martha Desmuraux presents 2800sqm of pitches, 1400sqm of bushes, a shared garden and two themed gardens.
Said to open the second half of August


This place offers a natural promenade soon to be filled with plants and covering 1200m, including 700m to the west and lined with a stabilized path.
The promenade running alongside the river is open since early July, plants will be progressively planted until Fall


This plant-filled 3450sqm promenade covers 520m long and is a place of discovery devoted to biodiversity and especially bats naturally present in the small ring set under the garden.
Open since early July.


Former small mineral square covering 446sqm, the Impasse de la Chapelle has been turned into a garden featuring 240sqm of greenery with plants, small trees, perennial plants and green paved crossings.
Open since early July

-          FORÊT LINEAIRE NORD, 75019

Linked to an eco-friendly corridor from the Canal Saint-Denis to the Forêt linéraire prevusouly fit along the Southern part of the beltway, the Forêt linéaire Nord is a strategical place for biodiversity and a walk. A 11440sqm area protected by a noise-cancelling wall along the beltway.
Open since Monday July 8

-          PARC CESARIA EVORA, 75019

In the heart of the ZAC Claude Bernard, the Parc Césaria Evora reinforces the ecological continuities in northern Paris between the small ring, the Canal Saint-Denis and the Forêt Linéaire and provides a large area covering over 2 hectares and devoted to walk and leisure, including about one hectare delivered in 2015.
open since Monday July 8


Renovation of a plot given over to the tree conquest for half a century, the 830sqm area down the rue des Cascades, houses in its basement a view on the aqueduct of the Belleville sources built in the 15th century and listed as historical monuments.
Open since early July.

-          JARDIN MARIANNE, PLACE DE LA NATION, 75011, 75012, 75020

The Jardin Marianne covers 11,686sqm and is a vast natural and leisure area, set near the Place de la Nation. 5740sqm free of concrete and full of plants have been added to the 4792sqm of the ancient green area to provide users two 5340sqm and 4694sqm concentric pitches limited by 1157sqm of tree edges and 495sqm of plants.
This new and emblematic place has been inaugurated on July 7.

3 garden extensions:

  • Jardin Samuel Beckett, 75013
  • Le parc Clichy-Batignolles Martin-Luther-King, 75017
  • L’oasis urbaine – extension and renovation of the square Louise de Marillac and the square Jessaint, 75018

To these is added the opening of 4 sections of the Small Ring in Paris 12th, 14th, 16th and 17th arrondissements, providing 3.4 kilometers of additional walk for Parisiand and tourists starting this August.

The 4 new sections:

  • Gare d’Auteuil Small Ring, 75016
  • Small Ring, 75012
    From rue de Charenton to Avenue de Saint Mandé (1,67 km)
  • Small Ring, 75014
    From rue Didot to Avenue du Général Leclerc (0,75 km)
  • Small ring, 75017 
    From rue de Saussure ro rue Alphonse de Neuville (0,7 km) 

Opening these gardens and the Small Ring are the outcome of a work started in 2014 to create breathing spaces in Paris. This work will continue until 2020.” Paris Mayor deputy in charge of green areas in the city, urban agriculture and funerary affairs Pénélope Komitès said.

As the City of Paris has highlighted, “in 2020, over 30 hectares of green spaces would have been opened and over 10 hectares of the Small Ring since 2014.”

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