Paris: scooters now forbidden on the sidewalks

Published by Laurent P. · Updated on 2 August 2019 at 21h16 · Published on 2 August 2019 at 21h15
The verdict is in! You are no longer allowed to park scooters or drive scooters on the sidewalks. A measure taken by the Mairie de Paris until the law about mobility is voted.

It’s now officially prohibited! Until the law about mobility is voted at the Assembly, the Mairie de Paris has taken action and has recorded in the official journal the ban on parking and driving scooters on sidewalks in the French capital. A local bylaw came into effect this past July 30, precising that scooters now have to be parked on “locations physically represented”.

What risk do users run in case of non-respect of these regulation systems? Once again, the Paris authorities have an answer and scooter users will have to get a check ready: a €135 fine will be given if they’re caught driving on the sidewalks, 35 if they’re caught parking their machines on a non-authorized location. Measures have already been taken in 2018 about riding scooters on sidewalks. Note that the city has announced they will impound scooters if need be.

The city has also announced that in these upcoming weeks, they will create “specific parking areas” delimited by a rectangle on the floor. All in all, 2500 parking areas are planned by the end of 2019, over time, parking in these areas will be mandatory. Please also note that a usage fee for parking will be applied and recorded in the official journal to take over the scooter market in Paris now divided between several operators.

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