Coronavirus in Paris: restaurants, bars, movie theaters, museums... what will not reopen on May 11

Published by Laurent P., My B. · Published on 3 May 2020 at 14h12 · Updated on 3 May 2020 at 14h22
In the fight against coronavirus, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe reminded, as he was presenting this Tuesday April 28 the "deconfinement plan" at the National Assembly, that many places like museums, movie theaters, venues, restaurants and cafés will remain shut on May 11 and beyond, at least until early June. A statement going the same way as what French President Emmanuel Macron announced this past April 13 in his televised address.

Confinement soon to be ended despite the coronavirus epidemic? This is what announced French President Emmanuel Macron on a televised address this Monday April 13, 2020 giving a date to resume work, even partial: this upcoming May 11. From that very day, French will be allowed out and resume almost normally work, respecting different health measures some being already implemented.

A crisis exit that doesn't involve everyone unfortunately since many places will not reopen on May 11 as reminded by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe this Tuesday April 28, 2020 as he was presenting the government's "deconfinement plan" at the National Assembly. A plan that takes over what the President already said in his latest address. 

Museums, theaters, show venues, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters and others "places gathering public" will remain shut unlike stores that are allowed to reopen. Yet note that as for museums, a small difference is to be noticed, naming that small facilities (small museums and galleries) will reopen on May 11. Same thing for libraries and multimedia libraries that are allowed to open again.

Another difference in this deconfinement plan, a change of position as of festivals and other main cultural gatherings over 5,000 people: they cannot take place until September, the Prime Minister says, unlike what Emmanuel Macron said in his address: "Main festivals and events with a large crowd will resume from mid-July only" he said on that matter.

When will these places reopen? As for restaurants, bars and cafés, an answer is expected for late May. As for the other places, Edouard Philippe said an answer will be given on June 2 depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

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