Coronavirus: what do to if you had a doctor appointment in the next few days?

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 20 March 2020 at 16h19
Due to the coronavirus epidemic, and when we’re about to go into final confinement, the question if to know if medical appointments will be sustained or not. Let’s give you an update on the different decisions and measures set up!

While France has moved to stage 3 of the coronavirus pandemic a few days ago, while hospital are almost overcrowded and while the French government has decided to limit outings, what about medical appointments made prior to the situation and what is going to happen in the next few days? A question to which we, at Sortiraparis, try to answer. To be clear: it all depends on the emergency of the appointment, the specialist you were to see and the possibility or not to have a teleconsultation… Note that we first encourage you to get in touch with your doctor or specialist you had an appointment with.

As for surgeries, the Health Department asked Thursday March 12th, 2020 to all hospitals in France to cancel all non-urgent surgeries. If you had a mild surgery planned, note that – unless otherwise stated by your specialist – it is cancelled and postponed. You’re also invited – if not done already – to get in touch with your doctor for any questions you might have or for the adjournment.

Medical teleconsultations are also available in some cases. Are technically involved all practitioners without distinction. You can consult most GPs even though they might be asked to come and help hospitals, as well as some specialists such as dieticians, psychologists, psychotherapists or even dermatologists. Note that a decree released on March 9th in the Journal Officiel softens teleconsultation conditions for people at risk or exposed to the virus, as well as people who are isolated. For any questions about teleconsultations, please ask your doctor.

As for medical interventions requiring special manipulation such as dentists or even physiotherapists, it depends on the specialists, even though most appointments have been simply cancelled. Note that for all specialties, no matter if it’s general medicine or not, only cases requiring emergency are sustained. For any question or adjournment, please ask your doctor or specialist. Just wait and don’t hesitate to ask health caregivers.

And don’t forget to follow health recommendations to find here.

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