Alternatives to your outings during lockdown

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 29 October 2020 at 13h42 · Updated on 31 October 2020 at 19h04
Life in lockdown is not easy and you may miss your habits... But while waiting to get them back, here are a few alternatives to your usual outings!

For some French people, deeply attached to entertainments outside, it is like a condemnation. And yet, these measures are vital if we want to close the coronavirus pandemic chapter the best way possible. But yet, we’re wondering: what can we do now that everything is shut down? Without restaurants, exhibitions or outings, life is so boring…

Be rest assured, you are not totally without little life delights, you will simply have to enjoy them differently for a while! Missing exhibitions? The whole world is expecting you with the visit of virtual museums and exhibitions with an extra immersion bonus if you have a virtual reality headset!

Missing concerts? Pay close attention to your favorite artists’ social networks, some could perform live.

As for movies, you have Netflix, Prime Video, OCS, HBO and even Canal +, but did you know that Disney+ launched its streaming platform not long ago in France? This is the art of timing.

And for sport addicts, we have also got good news for you: some gyms are adapting and propose streaming lessons.

Restaurants are not willing to stop working and delighting us! Some addresses keep on delivering food or taking take-away orders, and chefs may invite you to cook as they share their recipes. So do bartenders!

And if you miss your hairstylist, your favorite spa or beauty salon, experts are teaming up to help you out while you are self-isolating!

And while we wait for stores to reopen, you can still list spots you really want to discover, those you think about but never have time to visit... And this will be time to support them while they are waiting to reopen.

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