Coronavirus, new measures in Paris: food markets, consultations and homeless

Published by My B. · Published on 17 March 2020 at 16h41 · Updated on 19 March 2020 at 16h51
City of Paris gives you an update on the situation. In addition to lockdown measures we all have to follow as much as possible – excluding pressing needs – the city of Paris tells us more about food markets, doctor appointments and even how to help homeless.

From now on, and we know that, trips will have to be very strictly limited and only for the following motifs: going to work if you cannot do otherwise, grocery shopping, going to the doctor of the pharmacy or for urgent family matter. It’s still possible to work out outside, by your house and walk your dog. Please note that if you rather stay confined, solutions exist to work out for free and from your home.

Food markets will remain open. But Paris authorities have asked that strict space limits be limited. In light of the latest images that we found on the internet, it’s always good to remind you to keep a minimum distance between each individual as you can see in food stores. Apply barrier gestures recommended by health authorities. Note that these rules are reminded at the entrance of markets.

In order to make doctors’, nurses and health caregivers’ jobs easier, parking in Paris is free of charge. Note that health caregivers can also park on delivery spots.

In order to take care of sick people more easily – as there will be more and more of them – and in the best conditions, Anne Hidalgo has asked town hall mayors to plan more rooms for GP consultations whose waiting rooms are too narrow.

As for homeless, the city hall has requisitioned an extra gymnasium available from this Tuesday March 17. They also propose the State services to make 14 more gymnasiums available and asked hotel rooms to be available for charities to welcome families with children.

The city hall also makes the municipal school restaurant available to prepare daily meals supporting aid organizations. All along the health crisis, all municipal public baths will remain open.

Note that yesterday, the city of Paris provided 500,000 facemasks to doctors, nurses and health caregivers in Paris to make sure they are safe and so are their patients. An extra stock of facemask has also been given to the AP-HP.

City of Paris services now focus on main aspects: garbage collection, municipal police, aid to elderly people such as meal delivery, maternal and child protection, support to ill people in municipal health centers, emergency accommodation, child welfare service, public baths, register of births, marriages and deaths, funeral services as well as crèches, schools and junior high schools working hard since earlier this morning to welcome caregivers’ children.

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